Living Renewed


It's Time For War

Sean Pritchard
As believers we need to recognize that we are in an all out war for the peace and joy in our minds that God promises. In this lesson we break down 3 keys to maintaining victory in our minds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching our live broadcast! Our Service Starts @10am Every Sunday So Make Sure To Come Watch! The Sanctuary Is Open So If You Are Looking To Come Back Into A House Of The Lord We Would Love To Have You Join Us! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check Out Our Socials! Instagram- Facebook- Website- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We hope you enjoyed todays service! - It is our prayer that these messages will speak to your life in divine ways. -If you would like more information about us, need prayer or have a need please contact through our website. -If you would like to help support this ministry you can find our giving tab on our website also. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Mission Faith ~ Family ~ Future Faith ~ We believe that faith in Christ and Gods word is the foundation of a whole life. Family ~ If families are strengthened our communities are strengthened Future ~ We must be intentional about the future we are leaving for our kids and grandkids. Our mission of growing in faith, building strong families and staying future focused is what compels us each and every week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sunday, June 13, 2021


Living Renewed

Once we experience the risen power of Jesus Christ there is a transformation that God desires to take place in our lives. Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at biblical insights to renewing our mind that will transform our life.

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