The Oaks Church believes that giving is the ultimate expression of worship and faith. As God gave the ultimate offering in His son Jesus, how could we not give our whole life back to Him. Giving of your finances is a test of your heart and faith. We never want you to feel pulled on, but inspired to partner with us as kingdom builders.

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Our mission of growing in faith, building strong families and staying future focused is what compels us each and every week.


  • Your giving does a lot more than turn on a light.
  • Your giving is supporting missionaries around the globe.
  • Your giving is empowering us to do outreaches to our community.
  • Your giving is helping families in need.


Tithing- It is biblical to honor God with 10% of your income. We believe that tithing unlocks the blessing and rebukes the devourer. We believe in tithing so much that as a church, we take a tithe out of all the moneys we receive. Those funds are then used for missions, outreach and community service.

Missions- Every dollar given to missions is given to missions. So when you partner with us in giving towards our missions fund, we become the conduit for that blessing to connect with the needs around the globe.

Kingdom investors- Many ask how can they do more. Well tithing funds our overall budget for weekly and annual expenses. Kingdom Investors fund is gifts that are given above your tithe. These could be considered one time gifts or offerings. These funds go towards Kingdom business, whether its ministry needs, facility needs or anything else above our budgeted needs or requests.